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The most feature packed email marketing solution

Being affordable, essential and necessary, Gego is the ideal solution for both email marketers and service providers

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Email builder and templates

You don’t need to be a technical person to design your email. Import your own email or use the email builder to create your email.

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Reports and statistics

You get all reports and statistics you need from your email campaigns. Email opens, link clicks, forwards, view on web browsers, spam complaints, unsubscriptions, used email apps, etc.

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Create email lists and get subscribers

Log every single activity of your subscribers. Use this valuable data to target your campaigns, setup auto-responders and for segmentation.

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Auto responders

Setup unlimited auto-responder emails to send regular email to your subscribers.

Performance comparison

Compare different email campaigns with each other for email opens, link clicks, hard bounces, spam complaints or any other metric you prefer.

Smart segments

Setup smart subscriber segments based on any subscriber activity. Use these segments to target your email campaigns.

Guaranteed email delivery

GeGO follows all bulk email delivery guidelines and standards to make sure that your email is 100% compliant with ISP guidelines. This helps you to maximize your inbox delivery rate.